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Further Readings 1

D. Morrison (ed.)
The Cambridge Companion to Socrates

Cambridge-New York, CUP, 2010 (xx - 414 p.)
1. L-A. Dorion, The Rise and Fall of the Socratic Problem
2. K. Döring, The Students of Socrates
3. D.K. O’Connor, Xenophon and the Enviable Life of Socrates
4. D. Konstan, Socrates in Aristophanes’ Clouds
5. P. Woodruff, Socrates and the New Learning
6. M.L. McPherran, Socratic Religion
7. J. Ober, Socrates and Democratic Athens
8. H.H. Benson, Socratic Method
9. C. Rowe, Self-Examination
10. R. Bett, Socratic Ignorance
11. M. Lane, Reconsidering Socratic Irony
12. T. Penner, Socratic Ethics and the Socratic Psychology of Action: A Philosophical Framework
13. C. Bobonich, Socrates and Eudaimonia
14. C.L. Griswold, Socrates’ Political Philosophy
15. A.A. Long, Socrates in Later Greek Philosophy
Socrates Bibliography

F. Bevilacqua
Memorabili di Senofonte

Torino, UTET, 2010 (690 p.)
Introduzione (9-256)
Testo e traduzione a fronte, note (257-677)
-- a review by F. Trabattoni Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.03.48

G. Danzig
Apologizing for Socrates. How Plato and Xenophon Created Our Socrates

Lanham MD, Lexington Publishers, 2010 (272 p.)
I. Plato and Xenophon on Socrates’ Behavior in Court (The Apologies)
II. Building a Community under Fire (Crito)
III.Disgracing Meletus (Euthyphro)
IVXenophon’s Socratic Seductions (Memorabilia)
V. Plato’s Socratic Seductions (Lysis)
VI. Why Socrates Was Not a Farmer: Xenophon’s Apology for Socrates in Oeconomicus.
-- a review by K. Lampe Journal of Hellenic Studies 132.2012
-- a review by J. Purington Polis 29.2012,354-363

V. J. Gray (ed.)
[Oxford Readings in Classical Studies]
Oxford, OUP, 2010 (624 p.)
V. J. Gray, Introduction
I. Status and Gender
1. S. B. Pomeroy. Slavery in the Greek Domestic Economy in the Light of Xenophon's Oeconomicus
2. E. Baragwanath, Xenophon's Foreign Wives
3. C. Hindley, Xenophon on Male Love
II. Democracy
4. Ph. Gauthier, Xenophon's Programme in the Poroi
5. S. Johnstone, Virtuous Toil, Vicious Work: Xenophon on Aristocratic Style
6. S. Goldhill, The Seductions of the Gaze: Socrates and his Girlfriends
III. Socrates
7. D. R. Morrison, Xenophon's Socrates as Teacher
8. A. Patzer, Xenophon's Socrates as Dialectician
9. B. Huss, The Dancing Socrates and the Laughing Xenophon, or The Other Symposium
10. L.-A. Dorion, The Straussian Interpretation of Xenophon: The Paradigmatic Case of Memorabilia IV.4
IV. Cyropaedia
11. P. Carlier, The Idea of Imperial Monarchy in Xenophon's Cyropaedia
12. Ph. Stadter, Fictional Narrative in the Cyropaideia
13. E. Lefevre, The Question of the Good Life. The Meeting of Cyrus and Croesus in Xenophon
14. M. Reichel, Xenophon's Cyropaedia and the Hellenistic Novel
15. H. Sancisi-Weerdenburg, The death of Cyrus
Xenophon's Cyropaedia as a Source for Iranian History
V. Historical Writing
16. H. D. Westlake, The Sources for the Spartan Debacle at Haliartus
17. H. Erbse, Xenophon's Anabasis
18. J. Ma, You can't go home again: Displacement and Identity in Xenophon's Anabasis
19. P. J. Bradley, Irony and the Narrator in Xenophon's Anabasis
20. V. J. Gray, Interventions and Citations in Xenophon's Hellenica and Anabasis.

L. Rossetti
Socrate, questo sconosciuto
Peitho. Examina antiqua 1 (2010), 13-30 -- the full text

F. Roustang
Le secret de Socrate pour changer la vie

Paris, Odile Jacob, 2009 (240 p.)
-- a review by L. Rossetti in Philosophie Antique 10.2010, 281-284

W. O. Kohan
Socrate: en enigma de enseñar

Buenos Aires, Editorial Biblios, 2009 (132 p.)
-- a paper by L. Rossetti centered upon this book: Peitho Examina antiqua 2.2011

D. Nails
, articolo per la Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
revisione 2009: the full text

M. Trapp (ed.)
Socrates from Antiquity to the Enlightenment and Socrates in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

[Publications of the Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College, London] Aldershot UK, Ashgate, 2007 (596 pages in 2 volumes)

S. Ahbel-Rappe & R. Kamtekar (eds.)
A Companion to Socrates

Oxford, Blackwell, 2006 (533 pages)

Walter F. Otto
Socrate e l'uomo greco
, traduzione dal manoscritto originale e cura di A. Stavru
Milano, Marinotti (160 pp.)
I. Vita
II. Processo e morte
III. Essere e dottrina
IV. La questione della "conoscenza" e della "volontà" in termini universali
V. L'etica della conoscenza

Sulla totalità del corpus socratico di Walter Friedrich Otto (ca. 2000 fogli manoscritti) Alessando Stavru si è cimentato in Socrate: mito ed etica della conoscenza. Studio sugli scritti socratici di Walter Friedrich Otto (Bulzoni, Roma 2006, 391 pp.).

D. Nails
The People of Plato. A Posopography of Plato and the Other Socratics

Inianapolis/Cambridge, Hackett (xxxvi - 414 p.)
List of Diagrams and Maps, Preface, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Introduction
Primer of Platonic Prosopography, Acumenus to Zopyrus
Appendix I. Dramatic Dates
Appendix II. Peripheral Persons
Appendix III. Athenian Affiliation: Demes, Phratries, etc.
Appendix IV. Chronology
Works Cited and Consulted
Maps. Map Index

Fulvia de Luise-Giuseppe Farinetti
Felicità socratica: immagini di Socrate e modelli antropologici ideali nella filosofia antica

Hildesheim-Zurich-New York, Olms, 1997 (333 p.).

Yasuo Iwata

Tokyo, Keiso-shobo (311 p. in Japanese).
The cover
I. Socrates’ Enigma (Problem of Data)
II. Life of Socrates
III. Elenchos
IV. Logical Structure of Elenchos
V. Ignorance
VI. Irony
VII. Justice
VIII. Daimonion
IX. Death and Hope
X. Happiness
A short abstract

L. Rossetti
Sulle tracce della letteratura socratica antica
Giornale Italiano di Filologia 14.2(1993), 264-274 -- the full paper
ABSTRACT. An examination of Giannantoni's "Socratis et Socraticorun Reliquiae" (1990) as well as of Acosta & Angeli's "Filodemo, Testimonianze su Socrate" (1991) gives rise to a survey of the evidence about (a) Aeschines of Sphettus, (b) Phaedo of Elis and (c) the relevant portion of the Herculaneum Papyrus no. 1008, plus some comments on these topics.

M. Montuori
The Socratic Problem. The History - the Solutions. From the 18th Century to the Present Time, 61 Extracts from 54 Authors in their Historical Context

Amsterdam, Gieben (x - 475 p.)
A problem as old as Socrates (with an introductory note by M. M. and a text by M. M.)
Socrates "the man" in the research of the Age of Enlightenment (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by N. Fréret, S. F. Dresig, Abbé Garnier, A Stapper)
Socrates "the philosopher" in the age of history (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by G. W. F. Hegel, F. Schleiermacher, G. Grote, E. Zeller, A. Fouillée)
Xenophon "l'unique source historiquement certaine" (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by A. Labriola, E. Boutroux, A. Doering, L. Robin)
Aristoteles and Aristoteles allein (with texts by K. Joel, Th. Gomperz, K. Praechter, Th. Deman)
The testimony of the comic poets as "Archimedische Punkte" (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by A. Chiappelli, H. Roeck, H. Gomperz)
The oracle to Chaerephon as "témoignage d'un fait historique" (with an introductory note by M. M. and a text by M. M.)
Socrates iniuste or iniustissime condemned (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by P. Forschhammer, C. Thirlwall, G.Grote, R. Poehlmann, J. B. Bury, H. Maier, P. Martinetti)
Socrates "ein Problem hoffnungsloses" (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by A. Labrola, V. Brochard, L. Robin, H. Maier, K. Joel, H.Kuhn, A. Banfi, L. Robin)
The failure of the traditional solution of the problem of the sources (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by E. Dupréel, O. Gigon)
In search of a deuteros plus (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by V. De Magahlaes Vilhena, R. Mondolfo, G. Calogero, A. Capizzi, M. Montuori, F. Adorno, A. R. Lacey, G. Giannantoni)
Le débat renaît mais il n'est plus le même (with an introductory note by M. M. and texts by V. De Magalhaes Vilhena, A. H. Chroust, M. Montuori, A. Capizzi, F. Sarri, L. Rossetti, M. Montuori)
The socratic problem as a problem of historical method (with an introductory note by M. M. and a text by M. M.)

Bibliography od Editions, Translations, and Commentary on Xenophon's Socratic Writings 1600-Present Compiled and with an Introduction by D. R. Morrison

Pittsburg PA, Mathesis Publications (xviii - 103 p.)
Special Topics
Complete Works
Selected Works

A. Patzer
Bibliographia Socratica. Die wissenschaftliche Literatur über Sokrates von den Anfängen bis auf die neue Zeit in systematisch-chronologischer Anordnung

Freiburg u. München, Verlag Karl Alber (366 p.)
Forschungsberichte und Kritiken
Einzelne Autoren
Leben und Werk
Index der Namen und Sachen

L. Rossetti
Aspetti della letteratura socratica antica

Chieti, Università (170 p.)
Il volume per intero è disponibile online
I. UN PROFILO. Filosofia e politica nel circolo dei Socratici agli inizi del IV secolo a.C.
1. Alcune premesse
2. L’amnistia del 403 a.C. e i suoi riflessi sulla pubblicistica dei Socratici
3. I 'dialoghi socratici' come fatto culturale
4. Il libello di Policrate. I Socratici replicano a Policrate
5. Platone e Policrate. Platone e la politica all’epoca del Gorgia
6. Sul progressivo ridimensionarsi del ruolo sociale dei singoli socratici
I. Si scrissero 'dialoghi socratici' prima del 399 a.C.?
1. Sull’entità della produzione letteraria dei Socratici
2. Sugli esordi della produzione letteraria dei Socratici
II. Sui 'Socratica' di Eschine di Sfetto: il Milziade
1. Alcune considerazioni sul fr. 1 Patzer
2. Il fr. 2 e i suoi loci paralleli. Gli orientamenti politici di Eschine
3. Socrate, Agnone e Teramene
4. Socrate e Euripide
1. Alcune considerazioni di carattere biografico
2. I frammenti incertae sedis
3. Alcuni possibili echi di Fedone in Platone e in Libanio
4. Lo Zopiro
5. Il Simone

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